Operations Administrator
MedPrep Consulting Group, LLC, New York, NY

  • Maintained over 200 pieces of equipment including computers, network, servers, and printers
  • Deployed Firetide mesh networks to support remote locations during major events with over 2 million participants and spectators
  • Research and deployment of new technologies that would upgrade the IT infrastructure
  • Deployed tracking of 50,000 runners at the New York City Marathon
    • Brainstormed and deployed detailed tracking for 1000 patients (computer vision) tents across 6 events, saving over $15,000
  • Documentation of network layout, plans for growth and asset inventory from scratch (Created plans and implemented growth of 40% )
    • Created plans and implemented growth of 40%
  • Point of Contact/Administrator for Emergency Notification System for the New York City Marathon
    • Participated in planning sessions for logistics of marathons of more than 1 million people per event
    • Helped ensure safe events for nearly 600,000 participants across 89 events


BudWiser - HackTheWorld
Top 4 Hacks

  • Utilized computer vision to ensure planogram compliance and counting inventory using SIFT to combat a 10% deficiency in a billion dollar industry
  • Added automated alerts via texts and/or calls to alert owner to resupply as stock is running low

Portable Weather Station
Global SpaceApps Finalist and best use of IBM Bluemix and Twilio

  • Portable weather station powered by Intel Edison detects air quality, air and light pollution and temperature in a weather-sealed package
  • Utilizes IBM Bluemix’s NodeRed to aggregate and relay information via push notifications and SMS alerts via Twilio

Intel and Verizon Sponsor Prize - HackRU

  • Security system / advertising system built on an Intel Edison with Intel Internet of Things and Verizon cloud
  • Image recognition of sponsor logos and corresponding sound-based alerts and phone calls

Top 4 Hacks - HackDartmouth

  • Integration with Google Maps API to show toll prices and locations, and Google Directions API to show total tolls for trips
  • Utilized ETL tools to load data into JSON database for application’s API, supplemented with data not currently in the public realm

FINRA Sponsor Prize ($1000) - YHacks

  • Microsoft Azure-based prediction of taxi prices based on historical data machine learning
  • Pebble app utilizing Nuance speech-to-text to pick pickup, drop-off, and show comparisons for fare prices


City University of New York (CUNY) - Hunter College
New York, NY - September 2012 - June 2016

  • Bachelor in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics
  • Relevant Coursework - Networking, Machine Learning, Computer Architecture, Advanced Discrete Structures, Operating Systems, Computer Theory, Databases


  • Proficient with - LAMP, AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix, Google Cloud RESTful APIs, TensorFlow, PostgreSQL and NoSQL
  • Working experience with - Git, Selenium, Machine Learning, Jenkins, JAMS and Linux Command Line